Glass Recycling System Appeal to Mt. Lebanon Commission

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My name is


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Mt. Lebanon, PA, ___________.


Since our community is faced with greater restrictions on recycling using the haulers and the Single Stream recycling system available to us, I request that the Municipality of Mt. Lebanon implement a source-separated glass recycling system in Mt. Lebanon, PA.

This glass recycling system could be provided at the existing Public Works Yard, 1250 Lindendale Drive (off Cedar Boulevard) or another location/s, selected by the Municipality. This system could be offered at all times that the Public Works Yard is open or it could be offered at specifically scheduled times. These times could be in addition to or shared with the existing Confidential Paper Shredding or Electronic Equipment Recycling Drop-Off services offered at the Public Works Yard.

Separate glass recycling systems have been successful in other portions of our state. The City of Harrisburg has implemented a successful program. Details of this program are available on the City of Harrisburg’s website: or .

If glass is separated by color, glass recycling could provide a revenue stream that will help to offset the cost of operating the system. The cost of glass recycling system implementation can also be offset by grant funding through existing State Department of Environmental Protection’s grant programs.

Mt. Lebanon has often been a leader, advancing sustainable concepts in our region. In the elevate systems portion of elevate mt lebanon, Mt. Lebanon’s 2013 Comprehensive Plan, the Municipality highlights a focus on sustainability and states that it will “Continue providing high-quality public services with greater efficiencies and prioritized upgrades.” As a concerned resident, I sign this letter in support of implementing a separate glass recycling program as part of the high-quality public service and commitment to sustainability that I expect from the Municipality of Mt. Lebanon.


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