Active Transportation

 Use motorized transportation responsibly

Active Transportation

Strategies to reduce greenhouse gases in Mt. Lebanon include:
• Promote more Biking and Walking by making the thoroughfares safer.
• Establish “Best Workplaces for Commuters” program
• Reduce Idling by instituting NO IDLING zones
• Complete Light Synchronization


A priority of the Active Transportation Committee is to find grants to promote “Complete Streets” in the municipality. We would like to target Washington Rd because we believe it is unsafe for pedestrians, especially children who are walking to and from school. Few people feel it is safe to ride a bike along Route 19. Residents have also complained about safety conditions along Bower Hill Rd.


Interested in carpooling to work? Check out

CommuteInfo is the “” for carpooling


The municipality is planning to synchronize traffic signals along Washington, Cochran and Beverly Roads to reduce congestion, idling and associated emissions.

Diesel Campaign

Cleaning Up School buses

PA Diesel-Powered Motor Vehicle Idling Act

How You Can Help


The municipality is planning projects along US Route 19 and Cochran and Beverly Roads. This will reduce congestion and reduce idling and the subsequent emissions.


The Mt. Lebanon Environmental Team welcomes all residents’ input. To move forward on making safer routes to schools and to commercial districts, we need help from people who can identify the grants and who can help submit them. We also need to get the business district involved. “Complete Streets” enhances the quality and character of a town and benefits business. Please feel free to step up and join our team!