Why not make your street’s block party a Zero Waste Party!

Whenever you host or attend a party are you bothered by all the waste that is produced? Between the plastic forks, the paper plates, and the bottles and cans that are often not being recycled, parties are big waste producers. Do you ever wish that there was an easy way to reduce all that waste?
Autumn is popular time for blocks parties…so why not be the envy of the neighborhood by making yours a Zero Waste party!

If you’ve been to the Three Rivers Art Festival, Earth Day in Mt. Lebanon, or Mt. Lebanon UltraParty, you may have noticed the three separate bins for waste collection. The organizers of these events contracted with Zero Waste Pittsburgh to create a no-waste event.
This spring, as I was planning my daughter’s high school graduation party, I was thinking about ways to reduce the trash that would be produced from my party. I alway put bins out for recycling when I’m entertaining, but I wanted to take it a step further.

I reached out to Zero Waste Pittsburgh and found out I could rent and purchase everything I needed from them to have my own no-waste party. They rent out the three section folding waste collectors, provide the bags, and have all the compostable serviceware available for purchase. I purchased compostable cups, forks, spoons, knives, plates, and napkins. I served some of the beverages in bottles and cans, which could be recycled. At the end of the party, I had one small bag(really small, like grocery bag small, mostly just candy wrappers) that was put out for my trash collection along with my recyclables!

The rest was all compostables and food waste that I drove down to the Southside along with all the foldable waste collectors. From there, AgRecycle will pick it up and turn it into beneficial compost! For an additional fee, they will drop off and pick up the equipment and compostables. I decided to reduce my costs by doing the pick up and drop off myself.

It felt great to know that I had entertained almost 100 people and all that went to the landfill was one small bag!

Click here to find out more about throwing a Zero Waste party.

Click here to find out more about AgRecycle.IMG_0196





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