Monthly Archives: May 2012

Traffic Signal Program Saves Region $7.6 Million

The Southwetsern Pennsylvania Commissions' Regional Traffic Signal Program improves traffic signal operations by optimizing signal timings and upgrading existing equipment along Route 19/Washington Road. The project includes numerous signals in Mt Lebanon.
    First year benefits from the project include:
  • 329,069 reduced vehicle hours of travel
  • 383,365 reduced gallons of fuel consumed
  • 38,135 kg reduced total pollutant emissions
  • $7,663,091 savings...
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Park Among the Trees

From the Post-Gazette: Parking lots not only consume land, they're ugly and they're bad for the environment. Among other drawbacks, their dark expanses absorb the sun's rays in the summer, making hot cities even hotter. They generate a tremendous amount of storm water runoff, which is ecologically harmful and costly to manage. But parking lots can be...
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